Optional Services

Let us do the hard work for you.

Discovery Services

Our Discovery Services will help you understand your current telecom deployment. We'll identify the information that will allow you to effectively manage your telecom usage and spending.

For example, our Discovery Service will tell you how many devices you own, which devices are assigned to each employee and how much you're spending. Once you have a clear picture on your usage, we can recommend policies and procedures to help you manage that usage.

The Discovery Services consist of:

Employee and Customer Directories

We'll discover the most up to date organizational structure for your organization. We refer to this as an Employee Directory. It consists of:

  • Employee name
  • Employee PBX extension
  • Employee wireless numbers
  • Department, division, cost center, etc.

We'll also discover any optional external contact information such as suppliers or customers. We refer to this as a Customer Directory.

Device and Service Verification

We'll verify which employees are using which devices and the rate plans and services assigned to those devices. We'll also determine the total number of devices and the costs and usage associated with each device.


Once we've verified your Directories, devices and services, we'll provide you with recommendations that will help you manage your usage and control costs. Areas of recommendation include:

  • Appropriate rate plans and devices.
  • Choosing or changing network service plans.
  • Cost impact of early cancellations of services and features.
  • Issuing or replacing hardware.
  • Managing multiple devices for a single employee.
  • Choosing the best devices based on employee job function.

Mobile Carrier Negotiations and Request For Proposal

We'll review your mobile usage patterns, identify waste and abuses and develop cost control strategies that will help you drive a better deal during your mobile carrier negotiations.