About MethodiCall

Powerful, yet quick and easy to use call accounting.

What is MethodiCall?

MethodiCall is an easy-to-use, web based tool for managing your Mobile and PBX usage. Call accounting with MethodiCall is affordable, feature rich and can help you find significant savings in your telecom budget.

Features and Benefits

Below are some of the features and benefits of MethodiCall.

  • On-Site or Hosted

    We can host MethodiCall on our servers for you, or you can install it at your location.

  • Rapid and Easy Installation

    MethodiCall takes less than an hour to install.

  • Web Based

    MethodiCall features a simple and easy to use web interface. There is no special software to install on your office PCs.

  • Mobile and PBX Together

    MethodiCall's reports combine your Mobile and PBX usage for each individual employee. One source for all your information saves time and money.

  • Meaningful Reports and Analysis

    Is your accounting department spending days analyzing telecom invoices? Let MethodiCall do the work instead!
    MethodiCall's reports aren't just lists of numbers. It identifies cost savings and problem areas for you, so you can act instead of analyze.

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