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Five Hot Button Issues for IT and Telecom Managers

Here are five important questions regarding your organization's telecom strategy.

  1. How do you gain visibility and control over growing global telecom expenses?
  2. How do you manage the explosive growth of mobile device usage?
  3. How do you effectively negotiate contracts with telecom carriers?
  4. How do you manage mobile data governance risks?
  5. How do you ensure mobile device security with a "Bring Your Own Device" policy?

If you do not have a definite answer to any of these questions, STT can help! By using our MethodiCall Call Accounting software and our other services, we will create a strategy to help you control your telecom expenses and realize savings in both time and money.

By working with us, our clients have achieved savings in:

  • Voice usage optimization: 26%
  • Devices with no usage: 28%
  • Text mobile plan changes: 23%
  • Data mobile plan changes: 15%
  • Directory assistance: 15%
  • Airtime cards: 15%

Controlling costs and managing your mobility deployment can is easy when using Methodicall Call Accounting with Smart Thought Technologies

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